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As Years Rolled By

Going out for a walk at night had always been a pleasure, when the lady u love the most in this world accompanies you…

I remember, when I used to walk in the footpath on the road which my mom has restricted me from being using it on the daylight,… it’s a greatest gift.. You run at a slower pace, so tat she don’t lose u on sight,… plucking the leaves from the shrubs and trees around, in that night chillness,..exploring the dark urself with the careless attitude around but still not stopped by the watchful eyes… you are set free to be urself (child),.. to know urself.. Learning lessons from life starts from there.. you do all things tat u want to do, but checked for every deed now and then.. You sit by the side leaning over the beloved one, and she takes u into the world of wisdom.. u luk at the stars and she comes out with a story tat u had never heard before… she teaches u some morals, gives u some facts, talks to u about ethical behaviour… but the kid’s hand is decorating the heap of sand with some clever designs not listening to… but those words are not lost.. it’s the way the kid listens to.. Years rolled by…. Nothing changed much… same road tat is desserted, same old trees tat never stopped from adding music to the dizzy night, same pavement, same moonlight…. Tears rolled out, acknowledging the opening of the eyelids… The kid is now listening but his mom is speechless and motionless… The kid in front of his mothers grave..

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