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How to End Economic Bailouts

Americans have seen the angusih of giving trillions of dollars to the private sector to keep the industry running. Many were outraged by the tax money that was given to companies like AIG, and was later enlightened the company spent the tax dollars on frivolous things such as CEO bounuses. Nevertheless, the bailouts were necessary [...]

Clean and safe solar- and gravitational power plant in space

When using clean and safe solar energy to produce electricity than place solar power stations out in space. The power produced could be transformed e.g. into magnetic waves before retransmitted to earth. Remember we currently live in a magnetic wave environment (north&south poles). Another media could also be used to transform the energy produced by [...]

Underwater power plants

There are plenty of hot energy spots on the ocean floor. Imagine all this water just waiting to be boiled at high pressure geothermal area spots and the steam used to drive thermal turbines. The idea could be extended by placing a large water pipe from the sea surface down to the thermal plant and [...]

Electro magnetic space elevator

The first step of the idea is having a solar power station in high orbit. The continuing steps would  include building the elevator downward with multiple sets of electromagnetic rings with fixed diameter that will support the main building structure for the elevator. The rings  are NOT physically connected and should be removable and possible [...]


There always exists dynamism, hope, driving energy in the culture of India across its ages. Be it industrial revolution, political revolution, cultural evolution, societal revolution. Now its all blended into a perfect mix that rises hope for better India in the future. Voices against corruption, need for a change, political turbulence always existed and co-existed [...]

Quran Burning: The National Media’s Role in Turning Local Events into International Controversies

Florida Pastor Terry Jones threatened to burn copies of the Quran to protest the opening of a mosque on 9/11 in close proximity to Ground Zero. This has created an international reaction, in addition, it has caused a security issue among our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. But did it have to happen? And more [...]

How does the brain work?

In the movie Avatar, Dr. Grace Augustine says to Selfridge that the roots of the trees on Pandora have “more connections than the human brain”. Implied is that having connections leads to intelligence. Indeed, you often hear claims that childhood experience is important because it leads to new connections in the human brain. Commentators will [...]

Polemarchus’ Concession

In Book 1 of Plato’s Republic, Socrates’ refinement of Cephalus’ definition of justice is “speaking the truth and paying your debts”, which Socrates suggests to be wrong (331 d).  This however is objected by Polemarchus, claiming that, according to the poet Simonides, his father’s characterization is fitting; at this point, being the superficial man Plato [...]

SSGT. Clyde Alva Taylor, WWII Hero

Clyde A. Taylor, the youngest of the Taylor boys, was drafted into the Army for battle in World War II where he became a war hero for the United States of America. His brother, Floyd Taylor served in the Army Air Corps. Like their little brother Clyde, Levi, Milburn, and Bill Taylor all served in [...]

Military chaplins during the civil war

This paper discusses the role and duties of a military chaplain during the Civil War. MILITARY CHAPLAINS DURING THE CIVIL WAR Cassie S. Tritthart September 7, 2008 During the civil war, chaplains had undefined role when it came to their involvement within the military unit. Baptist minister Fredric Denison recalled his own duties while placed [...]