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The Misnomer of Case Fatality Rate

Written by Rod Mishler and Sean Maurice Jefferson Sunday, April 26, 2009: U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine Flu Thursday, June 11, 2009: The WHO Declares the Swine Flu a Level 6 Pandemic From the above headlines, one would think the Bubonic Plague or Black Death had returned from the ether to rain impending [...]

The Psychology of Post Nuclear Generations

We live in a world that is not only moving forward, but accelerating, accelerating in fact at a greater rate seemingly each decade. Our collective global desire to have more, move faster and achieve more success in a shorter amount of time can be regarded as startling when drawn against the backdrop of all of [...]


Jade – A short book of poetry Seven stars for seven angry skies and their tears fill the void and their rain falls on the morning to heal the world to finish its dreams. Through it all we grow stronger every day till we see with a mind and clarity far greater than our own [...]

The Immortality of The Human Cell

In the universe we are born eternal. Our universe in movement, in expansion, portioned as part of the fabric of universes, sharing all elements that make universes, while uniquely remaining different in sometimes subtle, sometimes grander ways. When we cease to be conscious in this universe we go on in many others. What we do [...]

The Theistic Multiverse (Part 2): Is The Multiverse Proof of God’s Existence?

Part 2: The Mathematics of a Theistic Multiverse Confucius said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The same can be said of any journey into the depths of the vastness of our universe. And so our discussion of the first marriage of Physics and God begins. Has science finally inadvertently [...]

The Theistic Multiverse (Part 1): Is The Multiverse Proof of God’s Existence?

Has science finally inadvertently proven the existence of God? If the Multiverse theory of Physics mathematically proves that our universe is only one of an infinite number of universes teeming with possibilities, then is it not logical from not only a philosophical but now a scientific point of view for the first time that at [...]

The Dawn of Socialized Banking in America

Let us first open with the obvious, there is an exponential difference between a bail-out and a buy-in, bail-outs have been a tenant of government intercession on behalf of the capital good of major U.S. industries since nineteen hundred and seventy under Tricky Dickey, republican president Richard Nixon to the tune of 3.2 billion (cost [...]

7 Day Eclipse

7 Day Eclipse is a colleciton of poems written over a 30 year period, a mixture of philosophy and literature. Upon That Fitted Hour Spires of heaven bleed in to my ever weary heart of hearts, consume the consumer before the darkness climbs from the pit and spittle. Why now? Why even spread me open [...]

Cellular BioElectroMagnetic Field Signature Theory – NanoBioElectromagnetics

- Cellular Telemetry, Alteration and EM Field Signature Simulation (NanoBioElectromagnetics) via Nanoshell Technology – The above title is designed to indicate a three-pronged issue with cellular clinical study, how to determine what is occurring at the cellular and sub-cellular level in real time (telemetry), simulation of cellular properties and elements, and manipulation of the cell’s [...]