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Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing How data ‘networks’ come alive from bytes to brain-cells.   “All men by nature desire knowledge.” – Aristotle   Who has the knowledge? Knowing is great. Next best thing to knowing is to realize where to find the knowledge. Every employee in a particular team with a defined Job Role and determined KRA. [...]

Knowledge & Positive Communication

Knowledge & Positive Communication Expedition to Mars and beyond our Solar System   In a corporate environment, knowledge makes or breaks your business. It is crucial how you manage your knowledge communication so as to leverage the smallest of advances and showcase the large successes.   Positive communication is not the same as being a [...]

Chakras, Kundalini, Tantra and Mantra

There have been so many messengers from the East to the West. Yet all their ancient wit and wisdom gets lost in translation.  For example, now Americans want to throw out Yoga from schools and communities claiming it promotes Hinduism and pagan behaviour. Meditation is being ostracized for taking Americans away from Jesus Christ. Well first of [...]

Discover traditional print comics

As opposed to the Webcomics we discussed previously here and here this post will highlight regular newspaper strips syndicated by the big guns in the funny business. There are quite a few syndicates who work with a range of cartoonists to sell them to newspapers across the world. But we will concentrate on those who display it [...]

Writing a Review

Whether to review the creative effort of a musician, filmmaker, artist, author, etc. you need an open mind, careful choice of words, conscious effort to examine the piece of work, and mostly an interest in the subject/ art-form so as to give an authoritative or at least a comprehensive commentary on the work in question. [...]

E-Zine: The Pulp and The Grind

EZine: The Pulp and The Grind The fight for Creative & Editorial Freedom EZines were all the rage in the nascent stage of the internet; long before the boom and bust of the dot com empires. EZine or a web-only magazine was a natural metamorphosis of the dying Pulp Fiction Magazines in print media. So [...]

HR Branding

HR Branding — Human Resources in the competitive global industries As a part of the marketing engine, HR branding is a fairly new concept, at least in Indian organisations. The development and management of the vital assets of any organisation – its people – needs pre-emptive care and methods. This will ensure reliability on these [...]

Surfing Success through a Corporate Intranet

NEED, USE & EFFECT OF AN INTRANET: The information age demands ready access to critical data for the modern business environment where all transactions are possible across geographies at a speed that would seem magical if we didn’t understand it. In such a competitive and immediate decision taking, any corporate entity would be wise to [...]

Setting up your own website

As a freelancer in any industry it helps to get information and business online to meet the demands of the fast-paced generation of clients out there. This document will help you in making a bare-bones website using simple HTML and Windows GUI (Graphic User Interface). If you can use MS Office 97 and above, you [...]

Writing primer

introduction Creating a text body – a story, an article or a memoir; is both emotionally satisfying and at times rewarding. Anyone who is fond of reading literature and any kind at that; be it genre fiction, non-fiction, articles in magazines/newspapers, plays/screenplay, etc is not only interested in getting the information but also in the [...]