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The USS Secretarian

Just a dollop of my daisies…written in the winter of 2008 The USS Secretarian woke for her first time.  She surveyed her surroundings, all new and somehow intriguing.  How was it that she became here?  What was to become her purpose?  She wondered these things as she realized her current placement in a large warehouse [...]

Jefferson’s Ambivalence on Slavery: An Essay

Jefferson, a man of the Enlightenment, a polymath – yet, still, a man of his times – is equally admirable and reproachable. He is a man of contradiction, a man of great depth. He foresaw American foreign adventurism, yet crushed the Barbary pirates, corporate welfare, yet supported state-sponsored schooling, and the dangers of an overly [...]

vis-à-vis Korea: Northeast Asian’s 2,000 Year Old Bridge

In 2,000 years of history, Korea has acted as a connecting, transitional, and intermediate route between China and Japan, heavily influenced by China, and heavily influencing Japan’s historical development. The earliest written record of Korea dates back to the legendary founder of the Gojoseon Kingdom, Tangun, in 2333 BC.  In myth, Tangun was said to [...]


I’m having a little poetry mania…thought I would share. Bedtime The lights go out, I come alive Increasing heartbeat makes me thrive A timid rascal in the room If I come out he’d surely swoon I come alone, I’m here all night I feed on fear, I dine on fright You timid rascal in the [...]

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and The Victorian Crisis of Faith: A Critical Reading of Dover Beach

Throughout time many men in many cultures hafe suffered of a crisis of faith. Because of what they see around them they begin doubting that there may be a kind and ever present god watching over the world. The victorian period was no exception. The Victorian Era, because of Darwin’s papers on evolution, was a period [...]

7 Day Eclipse

7 Day Eclipse is a colleciton of poems written over a 30 year period, a mixture of philosophy and literature. Upon That Fitted Hour Spires of heaven bleed in to my ever weary heart of hearts, consume the consumer before the darkness climbs from the pit and spittle. Why now? Why even spread me open [...]

Thursday’s Lovers

Thrust forth from error’s darkness Entwined in the passion of wayward longing Hidden by the spoils of bondage and torments by the excesses of solitude The lovers touched fingers before lips Lips before loins Loins before love So in the wake of their debauchery, still dripping with the sweetness of their lovemaking They vowed to [...]

The Girl They Called Mariah

Hello, Calling all Geniuses. Hello, Houston are you there? Do you want to read something I wrote in one day? Maybe someday? Hey! The Girl They Called Mariah Mirage of no decadent image But with some sincere scrimmage And the night falls young To sing from capacitive lung Thy virtue seems unwritten More the words [...]

Brute Johnson: A Critical Look at the Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson, L.L.D.,

A Short Biography on Samuel Johnson, LLD. More commonly known as Dr. Johnson. Samuel Johnson, often referred to as Dr Johnson, is one of England’s best known literary figures. He was a poet, essayist, biographer, lexicographer and a critic of English Literature. Dr Johnson is the most quoted English writer after Shakespeare, and has been [...]

Sylvia Plath

The glamour brought about by Sylvia Plath’s suicide often overshadows her work, a glamour that has made her a sort of heroine for her fans and a poet damned by a murderous art for her critics. Sylvia Plath was born in Boston in 1932. She grew up comfortably in middle-class style and attended Smith College. [...]