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Motorcycling America: A brief history of two-wheels and its heroes

Motorcycling America A brief history of two-wheels and its heroes By Ujjwal Dey We all love our rides. Whatever they may be. A cruiser, a sports model, a stock bike, a stripped down mud-all-terrain cycle, whatever. But what’s its history? How did a two-wheeler come to have such a passionate following across continents? An ancient [...]

How to End Economic Bailouts

Americans have seen the angusih of giving trillions of dollars to the private sector to keep the industry running. Many were outraged by the tax money that was given to companies like AIG, and was later enlightened the company spent the tax dollars on frivolous things such as CEO bounuses. Nevertheless, the bailouts were necessary [...]

The Necessity of Offshore Outsourcing in Securing American’s Future

The story of mankind’s history is riddled with revolutions, reformations and transformations; ultimately culminating into a single theory, given the name evolution. Humanity is a constantly evolving creature, whose mainstay power of weathering the tests of time lay in the ability to adapt rapidly as the situation calls for. Man is not inept in his [...]

Reaction paper on SONA 2009

SONA: A Dream or a Reality A Reaction Paper The twenty-seventh day of July of the present year is the most awaited day of our President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to face the Senate, House of Representatives and especially the Filipino people to deliver her 9th State of the Nation Address (SONA), which serves as her [...]

The Dawn of Socialized Banking in America

Let us first open with the obvious, there is an exponential difference between a bail-out and a buy-in, bail-outs have been a tenant of government intercession on behalf of the capital good of major U.S. industries since nineteen hundred and seventy under Tricky Dickey, republican president Richard Nixon to the tune of 3.2 billion (cost [...]

A Review of Untapped: The Scramble for Africa’s Oil

John Ghazvinian’s Untapped: The Scramble for Africa’s Oil looks at one aspect of the economic and social impacts of this resource abundance, namely oil.  To explain the economic forces at work in Africa this paper is divided into four parts.  The first section provides an overview of the book itself.  The goal was not to rehash [...]

Arbitrage the unfair advantage

If you had enough money to pay off your mortgage right now, would you? Many people would. In fact, the ‘American Dream’ is to own your own home, and to own it outright, with no mortgage. If the American Dream is so wonderful, how can we explain the fact that thousands of financially successful people, [...]

Understanding The Job Market

What could be the unemployment rate tomorrow? Today’s figures concerning the job market have become extremely difficult to analyse and the common relation between inflation and labour factor tends to disappear, probably relegated to the historical economic theory. Why? Because new elements that composed the labour function have completely changed the fundamentals of the macroeconomic [...]

Volatilité implicite et volatilité d’une option : Principe de rétroaction

La célèbre formule de Black–Scholes a permis au monde boursier de découvrir l’importance du monde optionnel, celui dans lequel on vit tous les jours. En effet, l’existence d’options, de produits dérivés, ne reflète que des relations sociales, des choix pris de telle manière à affecté son sous jacent, autrement dit les actions que l’on génère [...]

Application du théorème de Bayes à la structure des marchés

Toujours aussi inquiétante, l’évolution des marchés boursiers nécessite une lecture plus précise des mouvements de fusion acquisition, d’introduction en bourse, d’offre publique de retrait. Le théorème de bayes fournit une réponse assez simple de ces mécanismes, permettant de justifier un ensemble d’opérations observées dans l’histoire du système de cotation. Redéfinissons le théorème tel qu’il est [...]