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Homo sapiens so called the dominant species of Earth is evolving day by day that his advancement in Life Saving Sciences are so tremendous. So busy that he keeps hunting for the answers about beginning and the end of life, thereby evolving and so is the nature.

Its believed the origin of earth dates back to million years. The bacteria’s gave a start to the life on earth that later it evolved, gave room for larger living organisms..

So many ages that each had its dominant species playing its part.. The Plant Kingdom, the long lasting species keeps transforming for ages to sustain. Communication do occurs between every living organism on earth. It roots out of self defense. Researches prove that Plant Kingdom too communicate in its own way.

The self defense mechanism too is inhibited on the basis of evolution of species which can be unimaginable. Transition is in every living organism so as to keep in pace with the irreversible damage caused around them… Are we missing anything in here??..

The Long lasting Species the plant Kingdom , i.e “The Nature ” has something to tell us.. They do the talking. Are we listening?? ..

Years from now, we shouldn’t regret on what World we have given our children to live in.. To Last long we need to respect the one which deserves it, “The Nature”.

Researchers find, as a act of self defense Plant Kingdom too can attack, by releasing toxic materials in air..  Though “The Happening” by Knight Shyamlan is an exaggeration of presenting the self defense vulnerable, it still needs to be considered.

Homo sapiens with his incredible asset i.e. sixth sense should take care of his global village by interpreting the nature with the signs to stop the happening from Happening.

Heal the World.. Make it Better Place

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