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How Social Media Will Change the Way We Do Business

How Social Media Will Change the Way We Do Business by Ujjwal Dey Just about everyone with access to a computer migrates to the world of internet. And for everyone who goes on the internet the first thing they desire is online contact with fellow netizens. This was fulfilled in the nascent days of the [...]

Thought.Leadership @ KnowledgeManagement.com

Thought.Leadership@KnowledgeManagement.com Competitor Knows Best, Customer Is King, What About You?   Knowledge Management and Communicating it with clients/partners: The competition –  knowledge that brings business by sharing experience The business – to leverage experience by having a knowledge base The experience – to deal with the competitors by establishing/pioneering business trends   There existed no [...]

Knowledge Communication

Knowledge Communication Why birds sing, why dogs bark and why cars blow loud horns?!?   The gift of producing noise is common enough in many living beings and material things. To be able to address the right people with the right message is however not as easily done.   Communication is the start and end [...]

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing How data ‘networks’ come alive from bytes to brain-cells.   “All men by nature desire knowledge.” – Aristotle   Who has the knowledge? Knowing is great. Next best thing to knowing is to realize where to find the knowledge. Every employee in a particular team with a defined Job Role and determined KRA. [...]

Knowledge & Positive Communication

Knowledge & Positive Communication Expedition to Mars and beyond our Solar System   In a corporate environment, knowledge makes or breaks your business. It is crucial how you manage your knowledge communication so as to leverage the smallest of advances and showcase the large successes.   Positive communication is not the same as being a [...]

The Aging Workforce

This essay will focus on the aging of the workforce and how this demographic shift will impact the human resource function in organizations. The primary focus will be on workers in the United States, as many from the baby boomer generation are nearing retirement age. Feinsod & Davenport (2006) explained that a variety of possible [...]

HR Branding

HR Branding — Human Resources in the competitive global industries As a part of the marketing engine, HR branding is a fairly new concept, at least in Indian organisations. The development and management of the vital assets of any organisation – its people – needs pre-emptive care and methods. This will ensure reliability on these [...]

The Ethics of Internet Privacy in Employment

This paper will discuss the ethics of employee privacy in a work environment. Using the six-step decision making model, the case of Michael Smyth, a former employee of the Pillsbury Corporation who later sued the corporation after they terminated him for the content of his private emails during work, will be discussed and analyzed. It [...]

Fuel Cells: Batteries of the Future?

Research has actually shown that in recent years, there are over fifteen billion batteries produced every single year. On the surface, batteries may not appear to be causing any pollution when being used. However, batteries actually do contribute to the overall pollution. If one were to look at the amount of pollution caused by batteries [...]

Surfing Success through a Corporate Intranet

NEED, USE & EFFECT OF AN INTRANET: The information age demands ready access to critical data for the modern business environment where all transactions are possible across geographies at a speed that would seem magical if we didn’t understand it. In such a competitive and immediate decision taking, any corporate entity would be wise to [...]