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About Trains and Projects

It is common to describe a troubled project as a “Runaway Project,” just like one would describe a train that cannot be stopped.  There is more resemblance than initially meets the eye between projects and trains.  Unlikely you say? This article about projects and project management will prove to you otherwise. Trains and projects have [...]

Setting up your own website

As a freelancer in any industry it helps to get information and business online to meet the demands of the fast-paced generation of clients out there. This document will help you in making a bare-bones website using simple HTML and Windows GUI (Graphic User Interface). If you can use MS Office 97 and above, you [...]

Una cuestión de identidad

Es sabido, y se ha escrito mucho acerca de las bondades de la PNL integrada a la profesión del Coaching. De hecho muchas de las habilidades del coach y de la práctica misma del coaching se integran perfectamente con esta disciplina. Sin embargo, quisiera centrarme en el aspecto paradójico de esta realidad, la de entender [...]

Operations Management and its Application in Different Businesses

According to Naylor ‘operations management is concerned with creating, operating and controlling a transformation system that takes inputs of a variety of resources and produces outputs of goods and services needed by customers.’ (John Naylor, Introduction to operations management, page 5, second edition, 1996) Operations management is as necessary and appropriate in a manufacturing organization [...]

The problem with sweatshops is that there are not enough of them Discuss

“The problem with sweatshops is that there are not enough of them”, this is an area under discussion inside the society of the 21st century. A society which is global and not local anymore under the umbrella of globalization, a society which is responsible to take advantage of all the opportunities for development that are [...]

Efficient Distribution of Water in Yemen

Abstract The lack of water resources planning and management in Yemen, an Arabic country located on the Arabian peninsula across the Red Sea from Ethiopia, threatens the existence of life and hinders the progression of Yemeni society. Education is the ultimate solution to the inefficient distribution of water. Egypt poses as the best model for [...]