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Philosophies of A.I. and Digital Self-Awareness

Artificial Intelligence (AI) exists. This is certain, and demonstrable. DARPA sponsors contests that utilize AI to navigate a course using an unmanned vehicle without a remote control. However, this is what is referred to as “narrow AI”; it’s objective oriented, and while it is capable of independent action, it is by no means capable of [...]

Thoughts to Change the World

We must realize that we are not as concrete as we are led to believe. We are are made up of matter that is constituted of atoms. These atoms are constantly vibrating, creating a specific frequency. The thing that makes you or anything different from another is the difference of these frequencies or vibration. We [...]

cherish the differences in others

It is the failure to cherish the differences in others that causes the amount of suffering that we see in our world. Life and the lessons it teaches are both truly amazing, as long as it is without having others intentionally out to teach “their” lessons. It is Life, itself that teaches the necessary lessons, [...]

On innate notions of linguistic knowledge

paper reproduced from submission to University of Cambridge International Examinations, October 2008, in partial fulfillment of credit Abstract This paper is concerned with a justifiable criterion of truth for an epistemic framework of linguistic knowledge. Chomskian nativism objects the behaviorist view that linguistic knowledge is acquired through experience. We evaluate both arguments on the nature [...]

Blood and Fire

Personal thoughts on the blind devotions seen in the majority of modern society. Being able to write and record knowledge tremendously increases the wealth of mans’ intelligence. Keeping such a thing a secret would be a form of great power. Use of this to create a religion or to withhold the gathered knowledge would separate [...]

Against the case of Free Will

There is no concept more eagerly defended by the human population than free will. This is because Free Will is the only way for us to accept our existence as it is and allows us to believe that we exert power not only over our surroundings but over our very selves. If our body is [...]

The epistemic asymmetry between the natural sciences and ethics

Abstract: This paper addresses fundamental difference between the natural sciences and ethics that explains the asymmetry in the epistemic strength with which we see the two. The two models of knowledge are first considered disparately. It is demonstrated in a prima facie examination that the normative aspect of ethical propositions fails the test of objective [...]

On the Progress of American Society and the Decline of Conservative Christianity

“It seems as though this anger, this conservative rage which is seen most predominantly among conservative Christians is part of deeper response that seems to be largely based not so much on self-righteousness, but disillusionment. If one truly looks into the angry eyes of many conservative Christians, some of whom feel that America will be [...]

The Critique of the Metaphysical Idealist and Skeptics

The debate among philosophers has been ongoing for centuries over the true nature of reality. As idealist claim that things only exist in the mind, and realist claim there is an undeniable external world, there is still no consensus among the greatest modern thinkers about the nature of reality. The truth about reality, though, is [...]

The Psychology of Post Nuclear Generations

We live in a world that is not only moving forward, but accelerating, accelerating in fact at a greater rate seemingly each decade. Our collective global desire to have more, move faster and achieve more success in a shorter amount of time can be regarded as startling when drawn against the backdrop of all of [...]