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Modern Times – it is not just a Bob Dylan album

Modern Times – it is not just a Bob Dylan album How online discussion forums have changed and How we spend time in internet communications now by Ujjwal Dey The trend with online content activity is universal. People want to talk about recent stuff. They are not interested in an archive or in studying what [...]

Online Social Networks: Enhanced Connectivity or Accelerated Isolation?

A decade ago staying in touch with friends may have involved meeting at a local café after work or at a playground after school. However, with the introduction of online social networks, we are able to connect with and talk to friends from the comfort of our homes. The convenience and increased connectivity offered by [...]

How does the brain work?

In the movie Avatar, Dr. Grace Augustine says to Selfridge that the roots of the trees on Pandora have “more connections than the human brain”. Implied is that having connections leads to intelligence. Indeed, you often hear claims that childhood experience is important because it leads to new connections in the human brain. Commentators will [...]

A Theory of the Brain: IQ Tests & Intelligence

Abstract The brain has several processes that seem independent of each other, such as listening and speaking; to take two instances of skills that despite seemingly inter-related are actually performed in separate areas of the brain. Similar conclusions can be drawn about multiple different skills that humans possess – mental ones such as mathematics, music [...]

The Smile of The Cheshire Cat: Splicing The Split Mind

When the Cheshire cat, in Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland gradually disappeared, nothing was left of it except a smile – a most enigmatic smile. It is left to the observer to determine if this smile was there to reassure us as we plumb the mysteries in the science of life and living or to [...]

Una cuestión de identidad

Es sabido, y se ha escrito mucho acerca de las bondades de la PNL integrada a la profesión del Coaching. De hecho muchas de las habilidades del coach y de la práctica misma del coaching se integran perfectamente con esta disciplina. Sin embargo, quisiera centrarme en el aspecto paradójico de esta realidad, la de entender [...]