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Galaxies Are Storms

Galaxies, like hurricanes, are storms. (Recognizable by their diffuse spiral composition,) But, instead of being comprized by watervapor (and water drops) they are comprized of stars. The number of waterdrops comprizing a huricane is somewhat similar to the number of stars comprizing a galaxy. As with the eye of a storm, the center of a [...]

imperative of the use of negative probabilities for quantum computing

There is critical imperative of the use of negative probabilities for logic and computing. I read somewhere that Dirac was an advocate of the use of negative probabilities, that was something like  four years ago. I’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it, and negative probabilities now appear to me as opposites of normal [...]


TIME (subscript are in brackets: [...]) We start with the efficiency of  a Carnot-machine, or rather, simply efficiency e = 1 – Q[L]/Q[H] which is based on the law of conservation of energy Q[H] – Q[L] = W of which the modern equivalent is E – E[S] = KE = pc* so that the efficiency [...]

Rewriting General Gravitation

Rewriting General Gravitation General gravitation was first formulated by Newton as F = GM1M2/r2 It can be rewritten, using area A = 4πr2 and force F = Ma, as a = 4πGdM/dA It can be rewritten in turn, using acceleration a = αr and density ρ = dM/dV and volume V = 8πr3, as 8πGρ [...]

Mass change caused by the Doppler shift for light.

This short article explains how relativistic transformations can be replaced by the Doppler effect when it affects mass. The simplest formulation of relativistic mass and the Einstein invariance is m0 = m sqrt(1 – v2/c2) , where m0 is the rest-mass. The remainder of the Doppler effect for light affecting mass is mS = m0 [...]

The Misnomer of Case Fatality Rate

Written by Rod Mishler and Sean Maurice Jefferson Sunday, April 26, 2009: U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine Flu Thursday, June 11, 2009: The WHO Declares the Swine Flu a Level 6 Pandemic From the above headlines, one would think the Bubonic Plague or Black Death had returned from the ether to rain impending [...]

Continuous Closed Loop Production of Plastic Raw Materials, Polymer Intermediates and Green Fuels…

While organic chemistry based on renewable natural resources had been the main focus until the early 20’st century, the attention quickly shifted towards coal in the early 1900’s and by the 1930’s petroleum, due to its abundance and low cost, had become the raw material of main interest for the chemical industry in general. Today, [...]

Gravitational power plant in space combined with solar energy

Spinning magnets with virtually no friction and zero gravity in a vacume tube is a key to more efficient powering unit. A powering satellite in orbit where the gravitational pull in contrast with the centrifugal force and the satellite liner velocity is used to spin rings of magnets which are governed by a stationered outer [...]

Clean and safe solar- and gravitational power plant in space

When using clean and safe solar energy to produce electricity than place solar power stations out in space. The power produced could be transformed e.g. into magnetic waves before retransmitted to earth. Remember we currently live in a magnetic wave environment (north&south poles). Another media could also be used to transform the energy produced by [...]

Underwater power plants

There are plenty of hot energy spots on the ocean floor. Imagine all this water just waiting to be boiled at high pressure geothermal area spots and the steam used to drive thermal turbines. The idea could be extended by placing a large water pipe from the sea surface down to the thermal plant and [...]