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Electro magnetic space elevator

The first step of the idea is having a solar power station in high orbit. The continuing steps would  include building the elevator downward with multiple sets of electromagnetic rings with fixed diameter that will support the main building structure for the elevator. The rings  are NOT physically connected and should be removable and possible [...]

The Infofield: A Step Toward The Unified Field Theory?

Physicists are in a race to find the “Theory of Everything”, or as Einstein put it, the “Unified Field Theory.” Using mathematical constructs, observing what information the universe relinquishes, employing the scientific method of using experimentation and statistical analysis, the information continues to elude. But what if the Unified Field Theory is hiding in plain [...]

Biofeedback Monitoring using a Galvanic Skin Response Meter

Introduction The GSR meter, or galvanic skin response meter, is a biofeedback monitoring device designed to detect a person’s mental state or change of state. This type of device can be used one to one, with the person so monitored holding one electrode in each hand while the facilitator operates the meter, or solo (as [...]

A little theory about primenumbers

A Sunday morning, a few weeks ago I woke up early and had very little to do. So I started calculating prime numbers in my head. And along the way I noticed a few things. Some proved to be incorrect when calculating it on paper with larger prime numbers, an other idea proved to be [...]

Predicting earthquakes from space

Using holograms it is possible to evaluate stress changes between tectonic plates. There is a simple method of evaluating buildings for stress and changes on load bearing members. This method involves creating a hologram image of the building then later viewing the building/structure through the holographic image. Lines of stress become evident when viewing the [...]

Velocity: A Speculative Theory

This article outlines a speculative theory. It is not meant to be technical, and hopefully it can be further developed. The Velocity Theory states that velocity, also acceleration, motion and momentum, are not merely properties of matter, energy and space-time; rather combined (calling them all velocity) they are one of the fundamental forces of nature. [...]

View from stratosphere

Looking down upon our planet from the stratosphere – not the ride in Las Vegas but the from the second layer of the atmospehere, at 90000 ft above sea level. Earth has a very special attribute which not many planets in this Milky Way possess – life supporting atmosphere. This layer of atmosphere is known [...]

Three Mile Island

In 1979 a partial core-meltdown of a light-water reactor took place at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, USA. It was, and remains, the most consequential nuclear accident1 in the history of the nuclear power industry2. The partial meltdown resulted in the release of approximately 13,000,000 curies of radioactive gas3, which [...]

Modern and Classical thought processes

My article discusses the evolution of technology and how thought has changed because of the movement in technology. My observations are from a personal view and are not meant to make any claims rather, present observations in order to promote thought. When the term “classical” is used, I am suggesting basic or manual methods of [...]

The Misnomer of Case Fatality Rate

Written by Rod Mishler and Sean Maurice Jefferson Sunday, April 26, 2009: U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine Flu Thursday, June 11, 2009: The WHO Declares the Swine Flu a Level 6 Pandemic From the above headlines, one would think the Bubonic Plague or Black Death had returned from the ether to rain impending [...]