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Death of American Culture


Death of American Culture:
American Culture – how corporates sold America and forgot to be American.

Big Brother – Big Boss.

India and China are such big markets that biggest of brands have to adjust to local culture and taste to make a sale.

And everyone wants a piece of the action from two biggest unexploited retail markets in the world – China and India together represent half the human population of the planet.

MTV which prided upon never changing wherever it goes changed colours in India after just two years in Indian Television market. Today MTV India is unrecognisable to any American MTV fan. It airs only crappy Bollywood song-dance and cheap teenage reality shows where innovative public insults are their USP.

The Big Brother show of Endemol was adapted in India as BIG BOSS. It makes news every year as a new low in Indian Television’s display of crassness and crudeness aired on satellite television worldwide.

The reason Big Brother is called Big Boss is also interesting. In Indian culture Big Brother is a term associated with benevolent, generous, helpful and supportive elder brother/s.

So the show is called BIG BOSS in Indian TV screens. As a Boss is the most universally despised person in East and West. LOLz.

Woody Allen refused to release his latest movie in Indian cinema halls. Because the hypocrite Government of India which earns billions of US Dollars from taxes and excise from cigarette sales has a statutory mandatory declaration before each movie – which features horrible graphic videos of cancer patients and worse.

Bravo Woody Allen!

But all are not so idealistic. Most American Studios including Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Fox Studios, etc are more than willing to bend over backwards to adapt their “content” for India, Indian Government and Indian sensibilities.

The American way is apparently a fallacy. The American culture is disguised and distorted beyond recognition in India and China.

No wonder there is so little goodwill for USA despite its booming sales all over the world. The corporates sold the product/service but forgot to sell the AMERICANA CULTURE to these worldwide moneybag audiences.

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