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Gravitational power plant in space combined with solar energy

Spinning magnets with virtually no friction and zero gravity in a vacume tube is a key to more efficient powering unit.

A powering satellite in orbit where the gravitational pull in contrast with the centrifugal force and the satellite liner velocity is used to spin rings of magnets which are governed by a stationered outer circle permanent magnets while in orbit. The rings can have variable size and together they can form a shape of a globe satellite.

The spinning magnets generate electricity in induced stationed coil located within the magnet rings. It would work similar as the ac/dc motor principle only there would be no friction forces slowing down the spinning and zero gravity.

There are similarities with hydropower generators which use water turbines to spin the magnets which are surounded by induced coils which generate the electricity through changes in the magnetic flux.

The reverse (90°) electromagnet force produced by the voltage span from the induced current which slows down the spinning will be compensated by the gravitational force and the permanent magnets which are placed on the outer circle of the spinning magnets . The permanent magnets (Permanent Magnet Generator) have similar effect as rotating turbine of hydro generator. Solar power would be used to control the permanent magnets (not that permanent) as speed regulator.

There are of course various problems and side effects to be dealt with such as the produced heat. The idea is to use the produced current and transform the infrared heat into a powering transmitter which transmits electromagnet waves or micro waves. The receiver could be placed on other satellites or stationed on earth.

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