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There always exists dynamism, hope, driving energy in the culture of India across its ages. Be it industrial revolution, political revolution, cultural evolution, societal revolution. Now its all blended into a perfect mix that rises hope for better India in the future. Voices against corruption, need for a change, political turbulence always existed and co-existed in the good and bad times of Indian history.

There is always an era in corruption. The revolution in the indian intellectual minds opens doors of wisdom and leaves atleast me with many other questions that keeps me pondering. We want a rule to stop corruption. Really a good initiative!! Does it put an end to corruption that we see in day to day life. Will it actually work??

Do we really follow the rules and abide by law all the time Keeping all these totally aside, lets take a look at what is already existing in our book of law and how much we respect it. Starting with simple things that truly tests our mind set,

- Have we ever jumped a signal on our way to office?

- Do we actually wear helmets/ seatbelts while driving?

- Have we ever bribed a local traffic police for not possessing licence?

- Do all actually fuel their tanks with petrol/ diesel ?? Then why do we have so much smoke coming out of our vehicles?

- How many times the road has been laid on your street and eventually vanishes the next monsoon?

- Do we actually bin all the waste in the dustbin?

So many questions?????… May be its the time of elections that we come up with so many representations on dissatisfaction to our political management. What we public are actually upto?? Do we need a quality life or quantitative/ materialistic life?? Law is not a solution until the very basic attitude of the people can’t be fixed. The rules and laws are a solution as long as we respect it. Do we actually need a change in the political administration or change in the attitude of the people. May be either one of them or both??. Leading , being and driving the change within ourselves can only be the solution nothing else can. The energy we posses shouldn’t fade away as times goes by. We are good starters and we proved it now. Are we good finishers?? The real India blossoms from the real YOU in YOU.

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