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Modern Times – it is not just a Bob Dylan album

Modern Times – it is not just a Bob Dylan album
How online discussion forums have changed and How we spend time in internet communications now
by Ujjwal Dey

The trend with online content activity is universal. People want to talk about recent stuff. They are not interested in an archive or in studying what great minds discussed a few years or months ago in the forum.

I actually kept the Group in the new software at www.IQmind.org limited to one Group and only to be created by Admin. Because otherwise the clutter would be a bigger turn off than the usual habit of online users to look for recent talks and move on.

phpBB forums have its use. In IT industry it is indispensable so that people can discuss bugs, errors, seek help, advice, etc. So there will be very active BB forums on C++ or Java or Photoshop and the likes. But for entertainment – no one uses a forum it seems. For intellectual pursuits they prefer an interactive website or a new tests/ puzzles or in person meetings.

I originally believed that in the new software the big Chat Room with ability of users to make their own rooms as in the past IHIQS chat app would be all that would be needed to offer to members. They would login and chat with like minded people and not leave a legacy or history or articles or lengthy threads. Just talk, move on – like fast food.

Success and continued success of Facebook is a study in Psychology. Sitting idle is always boring. Doing productive work requires mental effort and or physical effort. But using Facebook and scrolling endlessly and connecting from one person to next offers humans the convenience of being “engaged” – of doing something – it stimulates the mind out of boredom but doesn’t burden it with responsibility or accountability or deadlines or hierarchy.

I hope to provide similar stop, chat, sip and move on kind of website with the new software. No lengthy diatribes or grudges or IQ envy etc. No activity but the activity of doing something without reason, purpose or cause – just because it is there – maybe because it is fun – and then get on with the daily life.

Best Wishes,
Ujjwal Dey
Director, Orison-B high IQ Society

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