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Do you feel the Reconstruction was positive or not?

After the continuous disasters of the Civil War, the nation appeared destroyed in every field.

In  1865 a presidential program was established by Lincoln and was then modified by Johnson.

The North started this plan in order to reestablish the wealth stolen by the war, in fact they decided to strengthen their economy by expanding their commerce to the South, that was also starting to develop a small but independent industry.

The South although did not have at the time a good industry to maintain the economy, in fact there was a high percentage of poverty that mostly affected poor farmers working for carpetbaggers that had some land or for the Southern.

The North did not have the ability to sustain the entire country.

In this period there was a significant change regarding civil rights, in fact the Radical Republicans favored the 14th and 15th amendment and promoted the public education in the South even for blacks.

Although these sudden reforms were only formally accepted by the Southern who started some movements to prevent the excessive liberalism of the Radical wing of the Republicans. One of the most famous and cruel was the KKK ( Ku Klux Klan ) that was founded on racism.

As I have previously stated these innovations were too excessive for the Southern that opposed every decision. It is important to understand that those changes had to be made and we cannot tell whether that was the right time or not, but as usual reforms are not welcomed at first but they are appreciated over time. So it is possible to deduce that the reactions were excessive but they could have been predicted.

The  Reconstruction was positive for the economical growth especially for the small industries of the South.

I truly think that the Reconstruction was somehow positive but the time might have not been appropriate.

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